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Our Story. Unclad Courage
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Unclad Courage. How it started. Part 1
Unclad Courage. How it started. Part 2
Founder Bio


Founder - Creator, UNCLAD COURAGE

Body Image Advocate. Speaker. Creator of Unclad Courage, a body positive, body liberation experience of self expression, vulnerability and courage, helping people heal the relationship they have with their body and love the body they are in just the way they are now. Curator of transformational safe spaces. Amplifier of courageous voices. Producer. Designer. Photographer.

Timothy is an award winning lighting designer and producer and has collaborated with or created visual environments for Sharon Stone, Liza Minnelli, H.E.R., Rue Paul, Alan Cumming, Simu Liu, Presidents Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and scores of others.  


Becker’s design for the top of The Empire State Building can be seen by millions of people every night in the New York City skyline. He designed a multitude of interactive immersive-environment museums, theme park attractions, award winning architectural collaborations with renowned Architect, Frank Gehry, including The Museum of Biodiversity in Panama and The Experience Music Project – EMP (Seattle, Washington)


Timothy began his career in the arts working in the theatre when he was 15 years old. Born and raised in San Mateo a suburb of San Francisco, California, he studied lighting design at Stanford University. He went on to study Dramatic Art at University of California, Santa Barbara. His lighting designs drew the attention of Tony Award and Olivier winning RSC lighting designer, Chris Parry, who recruited him to study lighting design under his mentorship at University of California, San Diego and earned Masters in Fine Art in Theatre Design. 


Timothy has received National Endowment for the Arts and was honored by the

Princess Grace Foundation Award, presented by His Supreme Highness,

Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Unclad Courage was discovered as a result of tremendous collaboration, vulnerability and courage of the many inspiring individuals who continue to share in this remarkable process.  Timothy is grateful to them and honored to be a part of their journey. 

The extraodinary people who I collaborate with know exactly why they have come to this work and how this act of self expression might change how they perceive themselves. They know this because I have created a process to arrive there. It’s about reconnecting with yourself and being authentic and being true. This takes courage and this takes an act of vulnerability. The result is transformative. It’s about finding strength while feeling safe to let your guard down. Unclad Courage is about taking off your armor and lowering your shield. It’s about vulnerability and revealing and connecting and celebrating who we are in our bodies. It is an act of courage to challenge the societal norms that hold us back from our true selves. Thank you for your support is this work. For many it is transformative and it’s an honor to be a part of this process. -Timothy

Listen Below to this extended pod cast recorded August 2019

Our Story. Unclad Courage

Our Story. Unclad Courage
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Unclad Courage. How it started. Part 1
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Unclad Courage. How it started. Part 1

Unclad Courage. How it started. Part 2
Riproduci Video

Unclad Courage. How it started. Part 2

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