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Experience an unparalleled body-positive shift in the way you think and feel to you people love the body they are in now 


This experience often helps reverse what we have been taught - that we are not good enough -that aspects of ourselves should be forbidden, hidden or shamed... aspects that are, in fact beautiful, integral and inseparable from our being.  


and to help communicate a message that we are Allowed to be whole and to find healing by sharing their stories in a unique vulnerable, courageous way. To be heard and witnessed. 


Experience a new sense of agency, confidence and freedom through vulnerability and self-expression. When you become vulnerable in a safe, supportive environment, you can experience courage and transformation. 



UNCLAD COURAGE is a unique and meaningful proprietary process of reconnection and self expression that can inspire you to discover or re-claim your self-confidence, embrace your physical form, embody your essence, perceive your innate beauty; and lay a path to allow yourself the permission to be you, exactly as you are, exactly as you know yourself to be, and to experience this perhaps for the first time.  It’s a celebration of you. This is a proclamation. 

UNCLAD COURAGE was carefully developed over more than half a decade, and aims to provide a rare and inspiring course to help reclaim and redefine yourself authentically on your own terms, without constraint, restraint or the need to fulfill harmful societal norms; to help conquer shame, and to experience a new sense of freedom and self confidence. Above all, it is a celebration of you.

UNCLAD COURAGE tailors to each individual because everyone is different, by harmonizing to your unique and personal intentions, personality and aesthetic.  We listen to you. We work to provide an inspiring and meaningful experience to safely embrace your strength, vulnerability and courage, and to be witnessed.  This is UNCLAD COURAGE. 

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