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The mission of Unclad Courage is to provide a curated body-positive experience to help people love the body they are in now and for the rest of our lives, to make a space to help us overcome body insecurities rooted in toxic societal norms.


to help reverse what we have been taught - that we are not good enough -that aspects of ourselves should be forbidden, hidden or shamed... aspects that are, in fact beautiful, integral and inseparable from our being.  


and to help communicate a message that we are Allowed to be whole, happy and joyfully live in our bodies.


Love your body

Many of us have a challenging, complicated, if not a ‘bad dream’ relationship to our bodies.  From a young age we are taught that our bodies are not ok. No matter who you are, what you look like or where you are from, regardless of your age, your weight, race, religion, or even your gender, there is little that we are allowed to embrace about our bodies below the neckline. This can be changed.


New SELF Talk

Rather than celebrating the bodies we are in, we are constantly covering, hiding, concealing or trying to fix or escape aspects of us so that we feel loved, accepted, and whole – sadly, we rarely ever do. Instead, we shame ourselves and others about our sexuality or shape, in what seems like a bottomless toxic abyss. This can be changed by uncovering when and by whom we were told our body is not ok.

Often realizing the the voice in our heads self shaming didn't originate with us, this voice can turn to love and self acceptance.


Social Shift

Unclad Courage hopes that we can help shift societal norms driven by generational teaching based on antiquated religious dogma, fashion and beauty media have taught men and women that they are not okay in their bodies no matter what they look like.  Unclad Courage unpacks the origins and helps people reframe their relationship to their bodies through a body positive body inclusive dialogue.  Looking at Historical Societal Perspectives.  Origin Story of the Process of Unclad Courage. Impactful Personal Stories of Others and How they shifted their perspectives.  Body Shame, Where the Problem lies and How to fix it.


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